Pony Salon opened its doors in late November 2012 in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown area and was home to a team of hand-selected experienced, engaged and thoughtful stylists. The salon ‘kept it simple’ by specializing in what they did best; expert haircuts, hair colours and styling serviced by top professionals who are passionate about their craft.

The salon space showcased the 100 year old bones of the building with high ceiling, south facing windows and exposed posts and beams, a design aesthetic that personifies the historical Gastown neighbourhood.

Pony Salon was not just a home for hair, but also an intersection where the Gastown’s incredible art, fashion and food communities met and shared ideas. It was the place where a few strong, dedicated and spirited hair stylists were crafting wearable art and creating joy whilst doing so.


Our legacy… 

I took the plunge and opened Pony in 2012 with the mission to provide a community hub with good hair as its focal point. A place where you could get a fantastic service while feeling comfortable and taken care of regardless of who you booked in with.

I am absolutely satisfied that I accomplished what I set out to do. We had such a good run at Pony and I’m so proud of all we have done. I am honestly delighted and amazed that Pony became a mainstay in so many peoples lives for so many years.

Chris, Christina, Elise, Erin Robinson, Erin Wilson, Trina, Robyn, Ali, Lindsay, Veronica, Dorothea, Amber, Caoimhe, Ariel, Tyler, Tianna, Nicole, Justina and I have followed all of you – our guests and friends – through professional and personal twists and turns during our tenures at Pony.

We have welcomed in so many babies and dogs and pals over the years (and grown through 8 babies of our own team!) and we have watched the littlest grow from sleepy carseat guests to full on haircut clients. And we listened and loved through all your gains and losses and job changes and loves in life.

We wish you the most health, happiness and good fortune and thank you SO much for your kindness, support and warmth these last many years. Stay safe and be well.

Xo Kristy




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