Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

November 20, 2013

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Scared of commitment? No worries – There are no long term commitments with Bumble and bumble Spraychalk – Just a casual fling with some colour!

New to Pony Salon, Bumble and bumble Spraychalk is a quick-dry colour tint hairspray to give your hair a playful edge. The colour goes on easy and washes out in the shower; No stains, no problems.

The product comes in 4 different shades:

  • Mint
  • Blush
  • Lavender
  • Cobalt

Salon demonstration – subtle pink layer with a touch of purple on the tips.

pony salon hair bumble and bumble gastown colored hair ombre spray chalk

They are available only for a limited time ($24 for 1.4oz), so go grab ’em while the grabbing is good!

For subtle streaks: Spray a colour (or two!) on to layers underneath in a vertical motion. Comb through to blend… and enjoy.

For ombre tips: Add some coloured ombre tips to your ends by lightly spraying one of the colours in the middle of your hair, a second colour over the first (and spray towards the bottom), and one other colour at the tips!

For a rainbow ponytail: Add streaks to a high ponytail by separating bits from your pony and spraying the hell out of them with the colour of your choice.  Work the coloured bits back into your ponytail and voila!

For two-tone braids: Make two streaks in your hair with your favourite colour and braiding together for a peek-a-boo colour braid.

Hint: To make your colour more vibrant, first spray Bumble and bumble White Hair Powder as a base!

A look at some of our inspiration…

pony salon gastown colored hair ombre spray chalk



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