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Kristy started her career in Vancouver about two decades ago. Despite several moves, sometimes out of country for years, she has managed to retain a loyal and stylish following. She has trained extensively, both locally and internationally, in such fashion-forward hair cities like New York and London. Even with this experience under her belt, Kristy never tires of being a student and is an admitted “hair geek”.

Kristy does real hair for real people and individuals wanting to have fun and assert confidence. Her masterpieces are often the perfect natural blondes she renders or her unique maintenance-free cuts and bang shapes. Her clients are stylistically independent and want a hairstylist who is technically proficient but brave enough to break rules just enough to create unique hair experiences.

After a successful 10 year run as an entrepreneur Kristy is excited to spend more focused time with her kids and enjoy some fresh air!  She is taking appointments in Yaletown at Harlow Gold Salon on Sundays and Mondays.

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See Chris’ services and rates here


Chris Martin was born in Glasgow, but now calls Vancouver home. He is that dream stylist who knew he wanted to do hair before he finished high school and has never stopped loving it. Chris began his hair training in Gastown at London School and, after 14 years of perfecting his techniques, he returned to the neighborhood where it all began and celebrates his sixth year at Pony this year!

Chris has trained extensively with Goldwell, KMS, L’oreal, Redken and Bumble & bumble, with plans to always further his hair studies.  He loves cutting and colouring hair and is up for styling for any occasion- his blowouts are fabulous and glamorous!
Chris loves travel, the Arts, basking in the sunshine (preferably on a patio with wine) and laughing with friends.

Chris has a new hair home in a beautiful salon in the heart of Coal Harbour at 1138 W Cordova St. Please call the salon Style Lab Coal Harbour at 1 604 331 6991 or contact Chris directly via his Instagram (above) to schedule your appointment. 




Erin brings over 20 years experience styling and cutting hair to her guests and it shows. Having never thought she’d become a hair stylist, the job found her and the rest, they say, is history! Erin’s outgoing, energetic and thoughtful approach to styling hair has made her a venerable legend and a client favourite. She is known for her creative styling techniques and her complete lack of fear with the thickest of manes.

With Erin no cut or colour is beyond her ability. With a lust for travel and adventure (she’s been to oodles of countries) she still loves to call Vancouver home and can’t imagine doing anything else for a living that would make her this happy.

Outside of the salon, Erin enjoys creating a warm and cozy space to call home, spending time with her friends and family which include endless adventures with her husband and kids Cohan and Piper. 

Erin is now booking appointments at Life & Colour Salon – contact the salon to schedule your next appointment.



Trina is a master of precision haircuts. Whether Trina creates a cute short haircut, a sexy bob or a hairstyle for long hair the outcome is a perfect balance with a shape that is distinct to the individual. Her colour work is top-notch.

Obtaining her professional designation in 1993, Trina has continually focused on her clients and evolving within the industry. As a well respected educator she has participated in advancing her knowledge internationally and has a long list of extensive education that allows her to provide you with the creativity and customization with every cut and colour.

Trina brings a wealth of experience from her lengthy time across the provincial border within Evelyn Charles Salons – Edmonton, Hedkandi Salons – Calgary and has synergistically joined the creative team at Pony since relocating to BC years ago. She is always willing to be as helpful and informative as she can, giving great advice about all things hair and life in general!

Trina has relocated to Style Lab at 432 Davie Street in Yaletown. Book with her directly via


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See Erin’s services and rates here

Erin Wilson is an accomplished stylist with an old soul and a lot of skill.
Erin found her passion for hair at a very young age making her babysitter’s hair look fabulous on a day-to-day basis and is now considered the go-to beauty consultant by her friends and family. She loves making people feel beautiful and good about themselves. She strives to create perfect cuts of all lengths and shapes and explore the art of colour. She graduated from the Pro Hair program at Blanche Macdonald in 2010 and moved north to Bella Bella shortly after to create beautiful hair in her hometown.

Working in Vancouver for some time, Erin continued to take workshops and is always keeping up with the ever-changing trends and techniques. She has 2 beautiful little boys and splits her time between them and making people beautiful! Along with endless cuddles from Xavier and little Zayn, Erin enjoys exploring new foods of all kinds (Vietnamese especially), photoshoots with her sister and Elise, and is always blasting some good tunes to sing along to.

Soon she will be making gorgeous hair in her hometown of Bella Bella.


See Justina’s services and rates here

Justina is a very new talent hair stylist. She is a recent graduate of John Casablancas Hair Art and Design Program in Vancouver. She enjoys analyzing form and texture in hair, as well as exploring cutting, colouring and styling techniques that suit her clients’ lifestyles and personalities. She loves all things hair and has a penchant for curls.

Extending her aesthetic engagement into a salon was a natural progression for Justina. Prior to her career as a stylist, she worked in artist studios, galleries and museums, and continues to write about contemporary art. She studied at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, she worked across the art scenes in cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Kassel, and Venice. She is constantly finding inspiration from her surroundings, and enjoys the balance between the creative and technical sides in her hair design.

When she’s not in the salon, you might find Justina at her community garden, at an art opening, performance, exhibition, or screening. She can also be found exploring the city, walking and cycling through different neighbourhoods, browsing produce shops, thrifting, or people watching from a coffee shop—especially to interpret hair. 

Justina can be found at Poppy Hair Salon



Robyn Wall is one of our rockstar Newer stylists (less than 10years in the industry). A graduate of the John Casablancas Hair Art and Design Program our team keener completed an additional year of education at Future Hair Training Centre and expanded her knowledge in Toronto at Vidal Sassoon and at the House of Bumble in New York City. She is first in line to learn new techniques and is always present and very much a perfectionist at heart.

Originally from Newfoundland, Robyn came to Vancouver to study Fashion Merchandising in 2010, which led to a peaked interest in the hair world– a world where she is able to channel her high energy and creativity onto living canvases! Within the industry, she hopes to perfect her skills in “statement hair” with bold colour, precision cutting and competition work.

Second to hair, Robyn’s joys and hobbies include (house) music, travelling (she’s always up for an adventure and a true traveler at heart), a good documentary and nature. She is a lover of animals, plants, and of course vegetables.

Robyn is still currently in Australia! 



A self-described lover of all things retro with a passion for makeup, Elise was the  essential addition to the Pony team. Not only does she execute the many day-to-day affairs in the salon with style and a smile, she also offered her skills as salon DJ, shop barista, herder of staff and she frequently offered complimentary detailed advice on how to do the perfect cat-eye.

As one of our fave pals from the east coast, Elise hails from Nova Scotia. When she is not working you are likely to find her working on photoshoot projects, growing her herb garden or going on motorcycle adventures with her partner. 



Ali was our only single-focused colourist! She is a graduate of the Aveda Institute Vancouver, where she found her passion for all things hair colour.

Originally from Toronto, she started her journey with a degree in history and political science. However, after much thought, Ali decided to hop on a plane to Vancouver and make a career change. With an interest in all things beauty from a young age, Ali followed her childhood dreams of working in an exciting and creative work environment.

She is keen on making everyone the perfect blonde or giving you a beautiful vibrant colour. She understands that colour is an individual experience for everyone, and strives to give people the hair that works best for their lifestyles.

You can catch her exploring the BC wild with her dog Wolfie, jamming to her favourite tunes or perusing local flea markets and thrift stores to find yet another mug to add to her vast collection. In keeping with the hoarding stereotype, she only uses three mugs interchangeably. Ali is currently taking a hiatus from hair. Follow her instagram for updates.


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Currently on parental leave.

Christina has trained extensively with Bumble and bumble in both NYC and San Francisco, is fearless when it comes to cutting hair, curly or straight, man or woman, and gets a rush when asked to create precision cuts on short hair for women.
A self-professed lover of the ’60s era, she cannot wait to rock a white beehive when she hits 65 and goes fully white!

Christina is on parental leave and is likely enjoying her delicious healthy food, playing baseball in the summer and spending time with family & friends.